Satsuma Gallery – Encouraging Art Like No Other Gallery

Satsuma Galery - No Place Better For Enjoying Fine Art-06When some artists began using the multimedia and the Internet more often, many people believed that the time of the small galleries is over. But it isn’t. In fact, it seems that there are more and more of such galleries and I am not talking about those that are owned by people who are not artists (let’s call them “businessmen” for the purpose of this article), but by other artists.

The gallery is located in the state of California, in North Hollywood. It used to be an old textile factory, but since the factory was closed a couple of years ago, due to the financial crisis (I really don’t know the whole story behind it, of course). The building is right between the antique shop call Scavenger’s Paradise and a stained glass store, named Glass Horizon. The gallery has its own parking lot, where you can leave your vehicle while you are looking at some art. You can also park somewhere nearby, if you don’t want to pay the meter, but that’s not so expensive. Also, the entrance to the gallery is accessible to anyone with the handicap as the entrance level has a sidewalk.

What makes Satsuma Gallery really unique? You see, while you can just go there and watch some fine arts, some paintings or some multimedia art, on some days, you can watch the artists as they make some new art, which is very interesting to see. This is especially useful if you are a young artist and would like to see some of your more experienced colleagues are working.

Satsuma Galery - No Place Better For Enjoying Fine Art-05Satsuma Gallery is opened on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On these days, it is opened from 11am to 5pm for public viewing. Before and after that time and on Mondays and Sundays, the gallery is closed and you can get only with an appointment. You should check out the website of the gallery or the Facebook page, where you can inform yourself when is the next exhibit and decide whether you would like to check it out or not.

The gallery mostly specializes in paintings, but since a lot of the young artists are more and more interested in multimedia, you can also see some multimedia arts as well. They aim to help young and aspiring artist in California as much as possible, so you will see a lot of art students as well. They often have individual or group exhibits that you can check out.

Well, if you love fine art, or you need a place where you could use your creativity, the Satsuma Gallery is the perfect place to visit.

All right, that was about it about the Satsuma Gallery and what you can see there. If you like art, I think that you should really pay a visit to the gallery. Just check out when is the next exhibit and if you are interested, you can check it out. It is definitely worth a visit.

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